Sunday, 20 November 2016

how to make a bubble bar

description:this is my post of how to male a DIY live with lush bubble bar! so please enjoy I hope you have has much fun making it as mush as I did. And again please enjoy this post we had put a lot of effort in to this so have fun!
WALT: show to the world how to make your product
evaluation:i done well but next time when I do a post with pic collage make sure next time i can see the words and the font better.
feedback: you have done a fantastic job.
feedforward: maybe you could add some capital letters. Riley.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hats reflections

Description:  this is my hat of me reflecting on my actions and what I think was rong or not.
Evaluation: I done well but next time I could have add some more detail in my reflection.
WALT: reflect on our market day learning.
Feedback:I liked how did more than two sentences on your reflection.
Feedfoward:check your spelling on the description. Arisha 

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

buddy novel study

desription;this is my buddy novel study slide we have aproxametly twelve weeks and we are so happy we have finished so please enjoy i hope you like it. WALT;retel and explan our story. evaluation; i done well but next time i could keep up with my work and mayby next time i could have a less desractng buddy. feedback;This is great!, nice honest description! feedforwad; I think that you need to work on you're Grammar :3 marion

How to make a bubble bar

Description: for ten weeks I have been with my group Tui and Pearafirst we wanted to make bath bombs than candles and than bubble bars here is some instructions of how to make a bubble bar I hope you injoy this post.
WALT: make instructions on your product.
Evaluation:  I done well with my steps and telling my group how to make bubble bars.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Te reo Market day video

Description: this is my Te reo māori movie I was an actor peara was the defector and tui was an actor too so please injoy this post. Evaluation: I done well but next time I could have put a clear voice WALT: to make a Te reo māori video of market day. Feedback: Great job Quiana I like how you have pronounced your Te reo māori words. Feedforward: Next time you should smile a little mor in the video.

My Te reo poster

Description: this is my koru marama market day name this is a bubble bar bubble bars are something you clean your body with I injoy bubble bar and you should buy some at market day!
WALT: to make a māori poster
Evaluation: I done well but next ti,e I could make it more organised.
Feedback: Remember to proof read your writing!
Feedforward: I like that your description is very detailed because I understand what you did. Fyfe

Sunday, 6 November 2016


Walt: statistics 
Description: this is my statistics I budded up with nikau and asked the class what would you like to choose out of these purticulr fruits the most was strawberries please injoy this post thank you.
Evaluation: I think that I done good but without picking a good buddy nikau was the right choice for me.
Feedforword: you did really great Quiana!, I like how you did your graphs nice and tidy! .Marion.
Feedback: I think you should you should put capital letters in people's name, and don't forget about the starting of a sentence :3 .Marion.