Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Universal studios

This is my writing I have put a lot of detail in this so go and read through my writing. 

Feedback:I think you did a great job.
Feedforward: none sorry it's just great.

I think that I done well just I want to get better at putting some more juicy words in.Quiana 

Walt: To make an advertisement 

My reading

Walt:creating an invention 

This is my reading  for my reading and I am shearing this with Samantha 

Feedback: you did great Quiana well done. 
Feedforward: none sorry you just did a great job. 

I think that I done well and I put a lot of detail in it. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Whakapapa / family tree

This is my family tree we have done this for 3 weeks now and I got a lot of help with this for the past few days. 

WALT: to make a family tree 

I think that I done alright just I want to add more detail at the bottom bit (Riley) I like how you have different materials and you didn't just do the tree you did the backround.