Tuesday, 18 August 2015


WALT retell a Myth / legend from a country we are researching.
In the beginning

There was a time when it was as dark as the blackest cat. There was six gods there names are. Tū, Tāne, Tāwhirimatea ,Tangaroa , Haumia, and Rongo. They had parents their names were Rangi the father and Papa the mother. One day Tū said "let's kill our parent's, but Tāwhirimatea said, "we can not kill them". Rongo agreed with Tāwhirimatea .Then Tū and Rangi tried to push them apart  but it did not work.  Tanē  had an idea. He laid  on his back, and pressed his feet against His father's chest. With a very strong push he straightened his legs. Rangi flew up into the  sky and light streamed in.Then Tanē clothed his mother in trees, flowers and ferns, then dressed his father with rainbows, clouds, stars, sun and moon. Tāne became guardian spirit  of the forest. Tū became god of man and war. Tangaroa became guardian of the sea. Tāwhirimatea became god of winds and storms. Haumia became guardian spirit of wild and uncultivated foods... And Rongo became god of peace and agriculture. Now when it rains, the Māori say that Rangi the sky father is crying for his lost love Papa the earth mother.